I know writers who know a lot about writing (that’s a weird sentence).  Oh, they can talk about characters development, voice, plot structure, grammar and even marketing.  But that’s all they do.  Ever met a writer who doesn’t seem to write anything?  They’ll tell you, “I’m working on something,” or “I’m writing this novel,” but they don’t seem to be able to tell you what it’s about and sure as heck never ever show a page of it.  It’s always, “I’m working on it,” and that goes on for years!

PLEASE PUT UP OR SHUT UP.  I am of the opinion that a writer is not part-time, a writer writes because there is no choice otherwise.  That means you write…even if its fucking lousy and you talk about your project with absolute pride in it because IT’S YOURS.  You don’t dabble.  Writing is your life–your calling.  PUT IT ON PAPER.  For all those who talk the talk and nothing more, you run the risk of losing your credibility…and my attention.