So, today I get an email from McFarland Books–the publisher for my bio of silent film star Pola Negri (available on their website if you’re interested in checking it out) to show me an advertisement featuring my book which is running in the September issue of Classic Images magazine.  I might have heard of the magazine–cripes, when was the last time I visited a newsstand?  Man, I miss doing that.   Nice of them to run a little publicity…that on top of the nice review of the book I received from some website…although I have the distinct feeling he was paid to write it.

So, in response, I registered for a site called “Nitrateville” which caters to die-hard…and I do mean die-hard silent films fans.  I then posted a notice that the book was out.  Maybe this way I’ll convince some folks to buy it (although i wrote it out of love, making a few bucks from it wouldn’t hurt any).   I intend to find other silent film fan sites to hit and try my hand at marketing.   Least I can do.