I’m working on a draft  of the first Chapter for this novel.  I’ve had the idea for some time about a young woman who is unnoticeable, one of those people that don’t make an impression.  Well, Thomasina King is one of those and it’s making her mentally unstable.  Lo and behold, she meets silent movie star Rudolph Valentino on the night before he collapses from a perforated ulcer.  Accompanying him to a party, she  becomes the victim of a very cruel joke.    Needless to say, mayhem and murder ensue…and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Don’t know yet how this plays out.  The draft is for my critique group–but I have no way of knowing where it’s going yet.  This novel has died several times in the past already, but I in no way will give up on it.  It’s got one of my better titles.