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A Blog concerning writing advice, publishing, and being an author.


This blog concerns silent pictures with a particular emphasis on the great Pola Negri, old movie palaces,novel, “The Ardent Admirer,” “The Doom Book,” “Liar For Hire,” “Once Were Palaces,” and the biography, “Pola Negri:  A Creature of Flame and Desire,” both by Sergio Delgado.   Sadly, Mr. Delgado is far too interested in such things for his own good–spends way too much time in the 1920’s– and has decided to share them with the rest of the blogging world.  You want to read the books?  Help him get them published!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. You have good content. The best I’ve seen today. No rambling, to the point. This I like.

    However, if I could make the humblest of suggestion, I’m finding your blog a little difficult to navigate. Hasn’t stopped me reading it, mind. But I was wondering, perhaps, maybe, if you’ve got the time, could you use tags or headings to separate one type of content from another?


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