Okay, I lied.  Sue me.  I thought after the last draft of “The Bureau of Lost Films” that I had something.  Wrong.  I went back and re-read it and there were still the usual problems:  great set pieces, but enough of a unifying story for the set pieces; not to mention the utter lack of a third act.  I just couldn’t get the ending or the villains right and the discovery of the lost film, the raison d’être of the novel, was entirely unbelievable—well, it just wasn’t “plausible.”  Curses.

So I’ve gone back to the past, trying to find a plot that works.  I think I’ve found an idea that works because it’s entirely non-linear and, better yet, doesn’t have to be based on the story I’m concocting.  Yep, I’m going “meta” with a novel i think I can described as “surrealist horror” with a dash of movie homages that will be noted as footnotes in the text.    Everything else changes.

I’m also trying a new approach.  Instead of a few opening set pieces and figuring out the rest of there, why not just have a whole story before I sit down to write it?  That means…gasp!…outlining (I hate outlining).  That has meant tinkering with it throughout most of the last 4 days or so.  I won’t start it until I have the whole story figured out from beginning to end.  I also want to know who these characters are before I even put them on paper.  I need them to be likable–after all we’re going for a commercial kind of thing and I need it to work.

So, stay tuned.  When I have the whole story figured out, I’ll let you know.  Thanks for stopping by..