So the revisions to  the proofs for “Pola Negri:  Temptress of Silent Hollywood” are now completed and I’m sending the changes to McFarland Publishing.  Index is also completed and that’s been sent to the editorial dept. via email.  Once they receive, all that’s left for me to do is wait.

It’s a very good book.  The last word on Pola Negri–my muse and cause.  Whereas some bios of her are nothing but flattering, I’ve tried to be even-handed in pointing out her strengths and flaws (she had enough of both like normal people).  Her story is grand one, both tragic and triumphant.  I’ve tried to give the reader both the movie star and the woman and tried to be sympathetic to a person who was not depicted as likable.  I would like to think she’d be pleased with the book.  Who knows?  Hope you order and enjoy it.