So, I was told James Patterson’s novel was rejected 31 times before it was published and J.K. Rowling’s first Harry Potter novel was rejected 151 times before it was published.  They’re millionaires.  I’m not.  So, in order to see how much rejection I can possibly stand, I have assembled a list of places I will submit my manuscript to in order to see if I can get that much-coveted “zero for however-many.”

“The Ardent Admirer” is not an easy sell.  It’s not really commercial–it’s literary–and while it flashes of genres, it’s not a book you can just pigeonhole in a neat little category.  It’s going to take an agent or company with imagination to sell it to the public and while I’m hoping to get it published by someone–the truth is, sometimes the great book doesn’t sell by traditional means.  I would have to try something alternative to get it published–and I will if this doesn’t work out.

So, sports fans, here are the standings as of this writing:

No. of agents queried:  20

No. of rejections to date: 4

That’s 23% for those keeping score at home.

More to come…