No. of agents queried for “The Ardent Admirer”: 7

Responses:0 (to be fair, it’s only been three days)

Big bomb falls this weekend.  Mass emailing!  Saturation querying!  I’m appalled that some agents only want to see 5 pages.  Does that mean if they don’t see a murder in the first paragraph they won’t be interested?

Back up plan?   Yep, got one.  If no one wants “The Ardent Admirer”, I will self-publish.  Remember, J.K. Rowling got over 150 rejections for the first Harry Potter book so its an uphill battle.

Ask yourself this:  are you a good writer?   The answer always is, of course you are!  If you don’t think so, then you don’t want to do this.  It’s ghastly what a writer considers fun…which is writing.