I hereby declare this novel “Done!”  It’s been a long time coming; it’s existed in endless permutations and changed quite a bit from what it was to what it is.  It’s a story of obsession, coincidences,blackmail, suicide and murder…all because a movie critic didn’t understand what he’d discovered in seeing “Passion” in 1920.  For a while, I even changed the title of the novel to “Vamped”–figuring it was more commercial and really what the novel is about–but that title is too associated with fucking vampires and I have no intention of ever writing a fucking vampire novel.  My novel–mine,mine, mine–is a very good story and I’ve enjoyed writing it immensely.   Of course, the easy part is now over.  Now for an agent and publisher–or else I’ll have to publish it myself.  THE ARDENT ADMIRER is ready to be unleashed.  Stay tuned!