Finished Chapter One of what I hope will be a new novel and it’s ready for critique.  I’m working on three novels at once.  Not easy.   All I know about this one right now is that it’s about a haunted movie palace that only exists in people’s memories–it never actually existed at all–and a lot of ghosts.  The funny thing is that I never really know what my stories will be about–that’s why they take a bit to write.  They usually start to form as I go along and by the time the first draft is completed, I hope to have a good sense of where it’s going.  Of course that also means the risk of putting in a lot of work on something that will never see the light day.  Yet I take comfort in the fact that this idea started as another idea a long time ago and as a truly awful novel that had some good parts and a lot of godawful parts–hence why I don’t list “Last Chance” anywhere in my novel list.    Notions can change, but they never die.