One of Miss Negri’s lost pictures, here is the story from the studio Press sheet:

Amy’s tired of being a waitress.  Tony, sixty years old, a wealthy orange grower, is tired of being a bachelor.

He goes to the city hoping to find a wife, ignoring the neighborhood girls because all of them have fallen for the lovemaking of his handsome foreman, Joe.  Tony sees Amy in a spaghetti restaurant and falls in love at first sight.  Too bashful to inquire her name he notes then umber she wears on her uniform and later persuades Joe to write a proposal of marriage to her.

Amy glows all over when she reads the letter.  It is the breath of romance at last. She replies, asking for a photograph.  Tony, panic-stricken at the thought that his grizzled face will end the affair, substitutes Joe’s picture.  Amy, all ardor over Joe’s picture, leaves for the ranch.

Tony is nervous t the prospect of meeting his intended bride.  He filled up on wine and before reaching the railway station has an accident, breaking both legs.

Amy finally arrives at the ranch and meeting Joe, is surprised at his indifference.  She is wholly in love with him.  Tony insists that the betrothal fiesta be held immediately in spite of his accident.  After the guests leave, Joe and Amy abandon themselves to the magic of the night and their magnetism for each other.  At midnight they are married by a justice of the peace.

In the morning they both are sorry for their rashness and are fearful of telling Tony the truth.

Three months later, Tony able to walk again, is planning to wed Amy.  The doctor tells her that she is to have a child and she and Joe realize that something must be done.  Amy says she will tell Tony the truth and then leave.  Joe’s real love for her is awkward and he decides they will go away together.

When Tony is told the situation he is furious and orders them from his house.  They are unwilling to leave bearing his ill will, and explain how it all happened.  Tony realizes that he has himself to blame for substituting Joe’s photograph.  He loves him like a son and loves Amy greatly took.  Besides, a baby is coming, and he has been longing for children around the house.  He forgives them and all ends happily.

Author’s note:  The film was based on play called “They All Knew” that was deemed controversial for its sexually frank language and  adult theme.   Yet according to reviews, Paramount had all of the adult elements removed in favor of presenting Pola Negri in a straight love story.  Frankly, she was probably too old for the role of Amy and it continued the studio’s bewildering pattern of promoting her as a unique sophisticated European star while simultaneously undercutting their own publicity by casting her in bland, inoffensive pictures that could have been made with any actress on Paramount’s roster.