Writing resolution for 2016:


Just write.

Write every day.  It doesn’t have to be any good. Put the words down on paper.

Write like your life depends on it.  Because it does.  You’re a writer.

Got writer’s block?  Sit down and write.

Read.  Visit a book store or a library.  Then write–you know you’ll want to.

Free your imagination.  Screw grammatical rules and plot construction.  Far-fetched?  Implausible?  Impossible?  Who gives a Flying Farook?  Write.

Write for yourself.  Not for anyone else.  Not for a book sale.  Not for a targeted audience.  Write for the sheer pleasure of it—even if sometimes it’s pure hell.  Picture a person, a moment, a situation–past, present or future.  Write about it.

Turn off your damn TV.  It’s killing your imagination.

Write.  You have nothing to lose but keyboard strokes.  Maybe you’ll find a secret truth, maybe the order of the universe will reveal itself to you, maybe it’ll be the most important thing written in the history of man.

Maybe you’ll just have a fucking good time writing it.

So write.