Postcard of Pola Negri and Charlie Chaplin, Berlin, 1919

They met at a party celebrating the premiere of Pola’s “Du Barry” with Charlie attempting to tell her she was “divine” in German and Pola replying in her broken English, either “Naughty Boy” or “Jazz boy Charlie,” depending on which story is told.  Later, after Pola had come to America to make pictures and gotten herself engaged to Charlie, there were a few who believed that a marriage was merely a ruse planned in Berlin by Chaplin to get her publicity.  Others believed they were already married, but were keeping in quiet to avoid any scandal as both were already once-divorced.  The real truth was their relationship was short-lived and in his autobiography Chaplin failed to mention that they had ever been engaged.  Pola was not exactly happy about that and said in her autobiography that Chaplin had no sense of humor when it came to his private life.