I got married two weeks ago today.  I only bring it up because my parents flew into Kansas City from their place in Orlando, Florida for the wedding.  A few days before the ceremony, my wife, Marina, and I invited them to our house.  They had never been here before so we gave them the grand tour.  I showed them my office with its collection of Pola Negri photos and lobby cards from her lost films–I have a vast collection–and the other movie programs and press books that adorn the walls of the house.  One of them is an actual oil painting of Pola from “The Woman on Trial” that dominates the dining room.  My mother remarked that it seemed like it was “La Casa De Pola” or “Pola’s House” in Spanish which I thought was funny–because in a way it is–and then my mother turned to my wife and said, as if knowingly:

“Good thing she’s dead.”

Parents:  gotta love ’em.