“The Ardent Admirer” is undergoing a bit of re-tooling to make it a little more readable and therefore more appealing.  That means a slightly higher body count as it is a comedy of errors and death.  People who have read the book have liked it a lot.

“Negri Jilts Chaplin” is in a rough draft:  blackmail, S&M, and the engagement of Charlie Chaplin to Pola Negri all rolled up into one nasty little package.  Went a bit overboard on the sex scenes…will have to either scale this back or publish under a pseudonym.

“Zombie Valentino”:  Yep, it’s what the title says it is.

“The Bureau of Lost Films”:  silent pictures meet sci-fi with a time-traveling film collector and the Gish sisters as lethal assassins. The first of a planned trilogy.

“The Haunted Palace:”:  a story of a man being haunted by a ghost:  of a long-forgotten movie palace.

Where do the ideas come from?  Basically, the stories are what I might like to read about.  With the big bio of Pola Negri taking up a good chunk of my time–and the need to find a real paying job–I’m not writing as much as I would like.  Hoping to change that soon.

Hugs.  Kisses–and all that.  Write on!