From “A Creature of Flame and Desire,” Copyright, 2014 by Sergio Delgado

Here’s the synopsis and a few lobby card shots from the lost Pola Negri picture, “East of Suez.”  Please enjoy!

Synopsis:  Daisy Forbes, returning to China to see her father, discovers that he has died, and that she is now an outcast among British society after the revelation that the Chinese nurse that
raised was her actually her mother. Daisy is in love with George Teavis, but is distraught when George, persuaded by his uncle, the British counsel, ends their relationship in favor of a diplomatic career. A villainous Mandarin, Le Tai kidnaps Daisy and subjects her to his will by means of drugs and hypnotism. She is rescued by Harry Anderson, a down on his luck heel, and he convinces her to marry him in the belief that he will be rewarded by her wealthy family. When he discovers she is a penniless half-caste, he treats her poorly. George Tevis, regretting his decision to leave her, seeks her out, only to find that she is now a married woman. Harry demands that Daisy never see him again, but when she disobeys, he plans George’s demise. Before he can shoot George, Anderson drinks wine poisoned by Lee Tai and dies. Tevis takes Daisy back to England to be his wife, and Lee Tai is executed under Chinese law.

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