Miss Negri’s co-star in Lily of the Dust (1924), actor Ben Lyon, wrote about her in a fanciful article, Vampires, I Have Known. It nicely sums up a man’s point of view of the fabulous Pola:
She is the woman with who you long to have an interlude of purely pagan, utterly Continental romance–a pagan, Continental romance that will in no way interfere with your very real devotion to some nice girl who will make you a good wife, if you know what I mean and I’m not sure you do, whether you will admit it or not. And then you will remember her always, this dashing, lovable, divine Pola, when you are sitting in front of your own fire with your slippers on and your wife will look up and say, “I thought I heard you sigh, dear.” And you will say, “Sigh?
Certainly not. How ridiculous.” But all the time you will have been remembering Pola, with a red rose behind her ear.

Copyright, S. Delgado, 2014.