Here is a cautionary tale as to what happens when you shutter an old theatre for over 40 decades and let the roof disintegrate.  Water and plaster ornamentation DO NOT mix and the end results was what befell the Loew’s Pitkin Theatre in Brooklyn, NY.  The exterior, as shown in the first photograph was done in the Mayan style–the Pitkin resembles the still extant Loew’s 175th St. Theatre in New York City.  The theatre was shuttered in the mid-70’s and over time, a hole developed in the roof causing a complete and total disintegration of the atmospheric auditorium–as depicted in the second, and very sad picture.  With no hope of ever restoring the theatre, the interior was gutted.  At least the exterior remains with the space inside now a school.  (Photos from the Cinema Treasures website–thanx.)