From “A Creature of Flame and Desire” by Sergio Delgado, Copyright, 2014

My upcoming bio of Pola Negri is designed to be the most heavily illustrated of the booksabout her.  So, I thought to myself, what are my favorite portraits of her?  I have a vast collection with hundreds of pictures, but I think these stand out as my favorites.

Today:  No. 10—From the lost film “Three Sinners” (1928)

D98GET  Here’s a shot of Pola from “Three Sinners.”  While I’m far more partial to brunettes (and yes, she is wearing a blonde wig here) and certainly no friend of smoking, I would certainly light it for her (she was a heavy smoker in real life).  Look into those eyes–throw that cigarette aside, Pola.  You’re already smokin’ hot!