One aspect of writing fiction set in the 1920’s is to set time and place with references to people and places. In my novel “The Ardent Admirer,”  set in New York City in the early part of the Roaring 20’s, I get to drop the names of those grand old movie palaces that dotted Times Square.  How I would have liked to see a Pola Negri picture in a venue with 3000-5000 seats, live orchestral accompaniment and a stage show!  I’ll be that would make today’s multiplex extravaganzas in THX sound and in 3-D a paltry experience to be sure.   Festooned with lights and eye-popping opulence, these were the giants of their time.

The Capitol (50th and Broadway) 1919-1968

The Rivoli (49th and Broadway) 1917-1988

The Strand (48th and Broadway) 1914-1987

Loew’s State (46th and Broadway) 1921-1988

The Paramount (44th and Broadway) 1926-1967

The Roxy (50th and Seventh Avenue) 1927-1960

More on these later.  Promise.